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Thank you for considering Brew House Music for the upcoming Ally TikTok campaign. We have included some examples of past work to show our range of capabilities of not only making great music, but tackling some very unorthodox music briefs with successful results. 


We are excited to be in the running and feel confident we could knock this out of the park!

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Cheerios "Good Goes Round"

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Agency: 72 & Sunny NYC


The Ask: Create an anthem that can live across multiple spots and support an entire brand's music identity. The challenge musically was that the agency wrote the lyrics and wanted them seamlessly transitioned into a catchy song in a hiphop(ish) style. Seemed like a big challenge to translate words from non-musicians to something that would not only be cool and catchy, but also hit all the marks that the brand client required. The song needed to focus on being simple, authentic, and fun, but not saccharine. Needed to appeal to the parent's demographic as well as kids. General Mills also wanted there to be a cool story behind the creation of the song. Sounded like a tall order that could become cheesy very quickly but we dove right in.


The Process: Music was going to be a huge part of this new campaign so we had a fair amount of time and everything was under the microscope. We ultimately made around 75 options over 10 rounds and ended up landing on the final song with a Boston-based rapper Latrell James who we had never worked with prior. We at Brew House Music helped to bridge the gap between the brand's messaging, the agency's vision, and the artist's point of view. We honed this version even further and ended up doing the final recording in Boston with the agency creative team, Latrell and me. We got to work together to really fine-tune all the vocal inflections and the final product turned out beautifully. 


The Result: The brand client ended up liking the song so much that they opted to purchase it outright for a larger sum. Since then there have been many versions created and the client got to recoup some of that music budget through backend publishing royalties. The original anthem spot ended up winning a Bronze CLIO Award for "Best Use of Original Music". 

KFC "The Colonel's Back With His Coffee"


Agency: W+K Shanghai 


The Ask: Hijack a recognizable Chinese folk melody and flip it to backyard/bluegrass/porch song. This would be driving the entire commercial with The Colonel leading the charge. 

**We've included this example only because it demonstrates our ability to tackle very unorthodox music briefs. Obviously, the style is completely different.**


The Process: The agency team had several public domain melodies they wanted to try. We created several demos per melody. They ultimately decided on a melody and we demoed out more styles with different instrumentation. Once we were all comfortable with the arrangement we hired an authentic bluegrass band to record the final song in LA. We recorded lead vocal guide tracks so that the vocal talent in China had a clear direction. This made the final vocal recording smooth.


The Result: The agency and brand client were all very pleased. The song accomplished exactly what it set out to do. The spot and campaign as a whole were a success.

Article with more info:

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Stylistically Related Spots

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Music Examples from BREW HOUSE MUSIC

Thank You!

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