KFC "The Colonel's Back With His Coffee"


Agency: W+K


The Ask: Highjack a recognizable Chinese folk melody and flip it to backyard/bluegrass/porch song. This would be driving the entire commercial with The Colonel leading the charge. 


Budget and rights: $20K for 1 year, broadcast, mainland China


The Process: The agency team had several public domain melodies they wanted to try. We created several demos per melody. They ultimately decided on a melody and we demoed out more styles with different instrumentation. Once we were all comfortable with the arrangement we hired an authentic bluegrass band to record the final song in LA. We recorded lead vocal guide tracks so that the vocal talent in China had a clear direction. This made the final vocal recording smooth.


The Result: The agency and brand client were all very pleased. The song accomplished exactly what they set out to do. The spot and campaign as a whole was a success.


Article with more info:

Snippet from the recording session for KFC