Herradura Ultra "Sound of Smoothness"


Agency: Grey


The Ask: Create an ultra cool and modern electronic track that mimics the smoothness of Herradura Ultra. Wanted it to be smooth but energetic at the same time while incorporating sounds of liquid in an artistic way. Needed to be able to bob your head to the beat. Had to sound very current.


Budget and rights: $40K, 3 year, broadcast, N. America


The Process: After demoing roughly 20 tracks over a few rounds we landed on a song that really fit the create direction. The song needed to be chosen before the shoot because the track was actually playing through the speaker you see in the spot and was the physical force that made the liquid move. We had to play with different frequencies to get the vibrations just right. After the shoot we then tailored the arrangement to fit the edit perfectly. 


The Result: The vibrations of the song are actually creating the patterns in the liquid in a seamless and organic way, almost as if the liquid is dancing. There is complete cohesion with the sound and visuals. You can almost taste the track.