Nesby Phips

Nesby Phips's sound draws from the jazz, rhythm and blues, and rap traditions of New Orleans as well as global musical traditions, including Ethiopian jazz. Phips's ongoing association with Curren$y and the Jet Life movement resulted in some of his top-selling works of the late 2000s, including the tracks "Prioritize" and “Hold On" off the Pilot Talk 1 & 2 albums. In 2011, he issued the recording The Catch Up, which included previously released Phips hits like the Wiz Khalifa track “Supply” off of Khalifa's mixtape Kush and Orange Juice, which garnered critical attention from New York Magazine, as well as “Word to these Bo Jacksons.” GQ Magazine picked Phips's "Passive Cassanova" as one of the top 25 records of the summer in 2014.


Nesby Phips has worked as a cultural liaison for writers and filmmakers traveling to New Orleans to document the art, music and culture of the city post-Katrina, including ESPN, Converse, the French Consulate, VICE, Complex Magazine, VIBE, the New York Times and others. Phips is also a frequent speaker on panels on New Orleans music and culture and was featured at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival's Sync Up Conference in both 2012 and 2013.

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