Three siblings who can seamlessly bob and weave between R&B, pop, rock, and hip-hop, you can never tell where The Greys might go next on their 2017 self-titled EP. In fact, unpredictability drives the Texas-born and Los Angeles-based trio—Sydney [vocals], Jayden [vocals, and production], and Silas [vocals]. 

Born to worship pastors who led Texas megachurches, The Greys grew up around music.  By high school, the three budding writers began creating music together. A song about the tragic passing of their dog made it into the hands of an Interscope Records executive who immediately saw potential during 2014. The siblings packed up and moved west, devoting the next year to writing, producing, and recording countless songs, However, everything changed quickly.

“The partnership dissolved, and we were alone in Los Angeles,” admits Sydney. “That’s when it turned serious. We decided if we were going to do this, we weren’t going to give up. We were going to give it our all. As a result, we really grew up over the past two years and discovered who we are as people and musicians. The EP is us coming into our sound.”

Signing to Royal Z Entertainment in 2017, the group recorded their seven-song self-titled EP, The Greys.

“The sound is like the color grey,” Jayden leaves off. “It’s not a dark or light color. It’s in between, but it could be used for either one. We make darker music. We make lighter music. It’s a mashup of who we are. We can be everything, but we’re always The Greys.”

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