White  Mystery

White Mystery was born on April 20, 2008, when Miss Alex White & and her beloved brother Francis Scott Key White spotted a shiny Airheads candy wrapper on the ground.  That silvery strip of reflective paper sparked an onslaught of rock genius fortified with Chicago DIY determination.

The rest is White Mystery history; like clockwork, they have self-released new music every year on that same date– Self/Titled (2010), Blood & Venom (2011), People Power (2012), Telepathic (2013), Dubble Dragon (double album 2014), That Was Awesome (feature film 2015) and this April 20, 2016 the album they were born to write and produce: White Mystery OUTTA CONTROL,followed by this year’s 2017 full-length album “F.Y.M.S."  

It’s smooth and sweet like taffy candy, buoyed by that signature rolling beat, and inscrutably infectious. Only the wildly redheaded rockers themselves know exactly what alchemy went into creating this delectable confection, but the result is the duo’s first polished-pop masterpiece.  It’s an absolute knockout.

Starting Tuesday August 1, 2017 at 7pm CST, White Mystery is launching the first ever rock‘n’roll video game fusion live stream show via the rapidly growing platform Twitch, combining gameplay, musical performances, and interviews.

In the groundbreaking live stream, watch Francis Scott Key White and Miss Alex White playing music and video games with Mario Cuomo from the Orwells, Jack Dolan from Twin Peaks, Westley Parker of Ovrlord and performing artist Joseph Chilliams.

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