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Brewhouse Music

About Us

Our Story:


BrewHouse Music was formed with the guiding belief that the modern music agency needs to be creative, versatile, and diverse in nature. 

Bootstrapped and driven, we pursued our vision of BHM as an adaptive music production company capable of scaling up or down to work intimately with agencies and brands.

Years later we have expanded to produce artists, main titles, feature films, TV shows and more.

Our strength doesn’t just come from how we work together, but equally how we work apart.

By diversifying our minds, we have the ability to explore all creative avenues while maintaining the same singular vision. 


Our Mission: 


Finding the right music to support and amplify a visual story is at best an annoyingly subjective dance and at worst a blood vessel-bursting creative nightmare. 

Our mission is to be musical Advil, Whether it’s using our expertise to help guide you through the confusing storm, or help manifest a clear musical direction, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your story is told the way it was meant to be.

Our Services:

  • Custom Music: In-house production staff with a vast range of industry experience and a diverse knowledge of genres as well as a large roster of artists and composers at our fingertips. This gives us the ability to tackle any brief with efficiency and authenticity.

  • Music Search: An artist roster of hundreds of bands and 4000+ pre-cleared songs gives us the ability to respond quickly to music search briefs with no red tape to deal with after the fact

  • New Masters/Covers: Reimagining a well known song is a great way to keep some familiarity while having the flexibility to tailor that song for a specific story. We love these projects and can help navigate the clearance on the publishing side through our major label connections.

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